Finding the time to live a healthy lifestyle in and around long work hours

I’m not by any means a “fitspo” nor could my body shot be used as “fitspiration”. However, I am a twenty something year old female who is in the healthy classified BMI range and does not smoke or drink (much). In my own self-righteous opinion, I consider this an achievement in this society.

As women, we are challenged daily with accepting our natural body shape when there is so much media to suggest that no real woman is capable of being truly beautiful. Now, that is an entirely difference piece all together, however I am (mostly) happy with my body and I believe I owe it to a fairly (too many wines don’t count!) healthy lifestyle.

Between working and studying, which I will be for many years to come, I have found it difficult to eat healthily and exercise regularly. There are only 24 hours in the day right? After a while, I have managed to get into a good routine of exercising and eating well. That’s not to dismiss the fact that I could squeeze at least 2 extra workouts into my week but hey – I’m only human!

Since healthy lifestyles are an interesting topic in vogue at the moment, I thought I would share with you my little tips and tricks on having a healthy lifestyle when your work hours never seem to end.

The Spot Blog’s Healthy Lifestyle tips:

1. Pre-pack lunches at the beginning of the week. 

Cook a big curry or make a big salad on Sunday night and store it in an airtight container in the fridge. Each night, put a lunch sized portion into a small container or jar to take to work for lunch the next day.

2. Make healthy snacks.

Home made clean apricot and coconut balls are great for portion controlled morning and afternoon teas. Recipe will follow soon!

3. Avoid the coffee shop.

Like anything, coffee is OK in moderation. I personally draw the line at one (if any) per day. Drink up delicious herbal teas such as peppermint, green and honeydew, rose and French vanilla or chamomile tea or fix the hourly munchies.

4. Go for a walk during your lunch break.

Just make sure your slip on your flats first! Even just a small walk around the block can make a huge difference. This kind of break is also known for helping relax and clear the mind and will improve your mood. Positive work attitude come at us!

5. Join a gym near work.

Going to the gym can be time consuming and much easier to dismiss when it is out of your way. Have a look around and see if you have a gym near work or near home (near work is better for motivation!).

6. Buy some cute exercise gear. 

Bright and happy runners and fun work out clothes are all around. Knowing you’ll look good will make you feel much better before and after exercising!

I am absolutely no expert and none of the above is guaranteed however I feel they all help to keep me healthy enough to feel good about myself – and that’s all we can ask for!

If anyone has any other tips and tricks let me know in the comments, it would be great to share ideas!



6 thoughts on “Finding the time to live a healthy lifestyle in and around long work hours

  1. Great self-assessment; super advice too! A great post for us all. And thank you as well for your visit recently. Hope to see you again soon.

    Have a healthy and great day,

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